Lonzo's 20 pounds of muscle could help when Lakers pair him in lineups with Rondo

Luke Walton says the Lakers will play lineups that feature both Lonzo Ball and Rajon Rondo. If Ball’s extra muscle proves functional on defense, then the two could be a dangerous playmaking pairing.

Luke Walton revealed that we can expect to see Ball and Rondo share the floor at times now that Ball is healthy.

“I can’t tell you how much because we haven’t really seen it yet, but there will definitely be times that we put that kind of lineup out there. Those two, LeBron, Brandon (Ingram), that’s as good of playmaking as we have, so we’ll figure that out, but I have no idea how much we’ll do it,” Walton said.

But while the Lakers’ still have to evaluate how the pairing does in reality, in the theoretical realm, a Rondo and Ball pairing looks like it could work, especially now that Ball is bulking up.

The pairing could also be potent offensively, with one caveat.

“Lonzo needs to be able to knock down threes the way he did at UCLA in order to play alongside Rondo, but if he can do that, the Lakers can field a lineup that features the most potent trio of playmakers in the NBA,” Zayas said.