The Metamorphosis of Brandon Ingram

Laker Nation is counting on him, but nobody ​​aches ​for B.I. to come into his own more than ​B.I. himself. ​You don’t even know the half. ​Now, opportunity awaits next to LeBron. Part 1 of Time is Now—B/R Mag’s look at the three players feeling the urgency in ’18-’19.

“In the two years that I’ve been in the NBA, I don’t think I’ve played to my ability,” Ingram says. As he speaks, he sounds like someone much older. He takes his time with each sentence, as if making sure each syllable counts. His voice is barely audible, but there’s excitement in it, as if he knows he is a man in the middle of a metamorphosis: not quite caterpillar, not quite butterfly. “Even just me being comfortable and playing my game,” he adds. “I don’t think I’ve ever been on the floor, comfortable.”