5 Things I Dug

1) Ingram’s aggressiveness off the ball. Lots of nice, easy opportunities for Brandon. While he wasn’t raining threes (Lakers as a team struggled from beyond the arc going 8 for 25) he was a force on the break, in the paint and on defense. If Ingram has success in those three areas it will bode well. If he starts hitting the three ball better, and more often, he’ll be an All Star.

2) JaVale McGee doing his thing. JaVale played a great all-around game. Rebounded the rock, played his brand of defense and got out on the break a couple times for some easy scores, one of those at the very start of the game. While his lack of stamina due to asthma will force the coaches to get creative at the 5, for whatever amount of time he can bring it looks like he’s ready to bring it hard.

3) Rajon Rondo coaching from the bench. The dude is relentless in his pursuit of an edge or to foster improvement in his teammates. They cut to Rajon on the bench with an iPad at one point and he looked like he was showing his teammates where they could have gone. Whether it was defense or offense doesn’t really matter. Rajon is the embodiment of ‘coach on the floor’. Great to see. While I still believe Lonzo Ball will end up as the starter Rajon certainly possesses the tools and IQ to make it a worthy conversation.

4) Luke experimenting without fear of doing it wrong. While not every line up struck pay dirt, especially when he went to the bench, there was a high degree of variance to the line ups Luke trotted out over the course of the game. The biggest area where we had let downs was on defense and he acknowledged as much is post-gamer. So I have no doubt it will be addressed in practice. But the open mind and the exploration of workable combinations will be a big key in our hopes for early success. Can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs, as they say.

5) LeBron James. Come on, who didn’t get a slight chill when you saw him line up around the circle before the tip? This is going to be awesome.