While AD signing with Clutch is certainly good for the Lakers it doesn’t necessarily mean he is automatically going to become a laker. There are still several hurdles to overcome. The first of course is th super max salary that will be on the table. And it’s anyones guess how important that is too him.

Now I don’t expect the Pels will trade him this year. They will want to see how the team does this year. Ironically not keeping Randle could come back to bite us in the butt. Playing with Brooke really opened up Randles game. I can just imagine what playing with AD will do. I could easily see him blossoming in that 2nd star. With the cap rising to 109 mil next year and 118 the next the Pels could add more pieces to the roster.

All that said I would not trade any of our young trade assets for anyone other then AD. With AD at clutch I’m sure we will know how to move forward. Wait never mind. The Lakers would never break the NBA rules. I’m sure Lebron never came up when they talked to Rich about KCP :)I know about the whole bird in the hand thing. But AD is so much better then the other birds that he is worth the gamble.

One other interesting point about the 118 mil cap the year AD can walk is we actually could sign him even if we signed another free agent next summer. BI will be a restricted free agent that summer. Even with his cap hold it wouldn’t be to hard to maneuver to make it work. This would come in handy if the Pels traded him somewhere else. How is this for a line up.

Ball PG
Clay Thompson SG
AD center
BI sf
Lebron PF

With Kuz, Hart, Svi and Wagner off the bench. Not bad.