This Lakers-Jimmy Butler Trade Package Actually Makes Sense

The package necessary for Butler to head to the Los Angeles Lakers involves Kyle Kuzma, Josh Hart, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Certainly not a bad swap for a bonafide star in the league. Los Angeles doesn’t give away any picks, nor do they surrender Lonzo Ball, and they also get to add a second great talent to play alongside LeBron James (perhaps the perfect sidekick, actually, with his wild man defense). In return, the Wolves get a budding star in Kuzma, a swiss army knife in Josh Hart, and a solid depth player in Pope. Both Hart and Kuzma are still just 23.

Simply put, the Lakers need another star player if they want to seriously contend this season. Kawhi’s looking like far from a sure thing to join Magic and Co. You have to get stars where you can.

The Lakers would surely be interested in this deal, but would Minnesota? Sure, they’re getting three good, young players, but the real value of Butler lies in what other teams will offer for him. Can any other team match the kind of deal LA hypothetically has put together? There are very few teams out there with a good combination of youth and proven talent that could afford it. The Boston Celtics have long been interested in Butler, but one has to think they’re set with the current roster they have.