Rumor: Kevin Durant will join Lakers next year

Take this for what you will, but Kevin Durant is apparently lining up to join the Los Angeles Lakers next season.

According to a source who spoke with Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson, Durant is planning a move to join the Lakers and team up with LeBron James next season:

“Just like LeBron planned his move LA a year or more earlier, #KD is doing the same right now. They want to form the best duo in the NBA and set up KD to be the face of the Lakers post-#LeBron.”

The source also confirms that that LeBron, Durant and Kyle Kuzma were all together in downtown LA filming a show:

“LeBron, KD and Kuzma were all together yesterday at a filming downtown LA. KD & LeBron’s crew were there. KD will be a Laker next summer. Book it.”

Robinson warns that he’s not confirming anything as there’s a long season ahead:

“Again….not confirming anything…..source seemed adamant… I’d downgrade and say that he’s highly considering it at best. Long season ahead and lots of things could happen between now and then.”

Just imagining the possibility of two of the best players teaming up on the same team will blow your mind. LeBron and Durant, two of the best players in the game and the biggest individual rivals who have faced off in three separate Finals now teaming up to conquer the NBA? Making storylines even more interesting is the idea that Durant could “bandwagon” on to two different dynasties in the matter of a few years. What kind of effect would that have on his legacy and reputation level?

As we’re all aware, the Lakers are now so comfortable in terms of cap space that they can now add another max-level free agent next summer. That idea was made plausible after the Lakers bought out Luol Deng. However, it had been widely assumed that Los Angeles would pursue a free agent such as Klay Thompson or Jimmy Butler with that cap space, not Durant.

Chris Haynes of ESPN explained just how much cap space the Lakers will have next summer:

“Los Angeles was projecting to have $25 million in salary-cap space for the 2019-20 season. That number will increase to the $36 million to $38 million range, giving the Lakers room for another max-contract player next summer.”

Adding further fuel to the Thompson-t0-Lakers rumors is his own father, Mychal, who claimed that Klay would have no problem slotting in behind LeBron on the pecking order during an appearance on a radio show:

“You are talking about guys for whom pecking order becomes really important,” Mychal said. “The perception of how people are going to look at you is important for these guys. If Klay came to L.A., which he should, then he knows he is going to slot in behind LeBron. But it is fine because he has done it before [for the Warriors], it is not a big deal.”

If the Lakers could somehow have a mini-Warriors squad in Durant and Thompson to go with LeBron, we would be looking at a completely different terror in the Western Conference for the next few years.

That’s simply very scary.