Los Angeles Lakers: Andrew Bynum is a perfect experiment

In fact, bringing in Bynum is the perfect experiment if done correctly. The Los Angeles Lakers should sign Bynum to a two-way deal and accomplish something they could not accomplish with many other players.

Bynum is a draw and he would bring a sense of legitimacy to the NBA G League, which has been trying to copy the success of minor league baseball and even minor league hockey.Quite frankly, the G League is far below what it can be and would benefit greatly from a big name like Bynum.

This would not only bring exposure to the South Bay Lakers and the rest of the G League but it would also give Bynum a way to get back into game shape and ease into it at his own pace.

Let Bynum play 15 or so games in the G League and then bring him back up to the regular roster to serve a role as a third option at center in the rotation. This will further allow him to ease back into the NBA pace of play.

The upsides of this are enormous and Bynum could still be a rim-protecting, class cleaning center that the Lakers could rely on in the postseason. While he will not stretch the floor or score a ton, he is the perfect center to put around LeBron James and the rest of the dynamic scorers on the team.

And again, the Lakers would not be sacrificing anything but a few minutes to Ivica Zubac while doing this.