Rajon Rondo finally provides the Lakers with backcourt depth

Among the players who had at least 3,000 on-court possessions last season, only one member of the Los Angeles Lakers posted a positive point differential when on the floor — Lonzo Ball.

Between Ball’s stellar defensive instincts and nearly savant-level passing, the rookie guard helped dictate the Lakers’ new high-tempo offense and much improved defense last season.

Unfortunately, by year’s end the No. 2 overall pick would end up missing a grand total of 30 games due to knee injuries. The point guard’s frequent absences from the team’s lineup left the Lakers scrambling for a replacement with options that often came up short in duplicating the value he provided when on the floor.

This injury trend to their guards has not been new to the team as even before Ball’s arrival, former lottery pick and Lakers’ point guard, D’Angelo Russell, ended up missing 19 games the season prior.

The Lakers, who are now led by LeBron James as their primary initiator, seemed to make an effort to address their backup ballhandling issue over the summer when they went out and signed veteran point guard, Rajon Rondo, to a one-year deal.