Pelicans to ‘broker’ Anthony Davis Lakers trade on one condition

NBA TRADE NEWS: Anthony Davis is set to leave the New Orleans Pelicans for the Los Angeles Lakers.

That is according to Paul Pierce, who believes the Pelicans will try and “broker” a trade with the Lakers if they look set to miss out on the playoffs.

The Pelicans are running out of opportunities to secure a decent trade package for the 25-year-old, who has been tipped to walk in free agency in 2020.

He is not expected to activate a $28.7m player option for the 2020-2021 season.

Davis hit the headlines last week when it emerged he had split with his agent Thad Foucher.

10x NBA All-Star Pierce said on The Jump: “If New Orleans doesn’t play well this year, they’re going to try and broker a trade to get him to Los Angeles.

“What better guy to do that than Rich Paul?

“He pretty much controls the market. Guys are running left and right to be represented by him.

“This is classic… I think there are some things in the NBA we don’t know about. Something’s brewing.”

He added: “If things don’t go well in New Orleans this year and they’re hovering around 500 or not looking like a playoff team, Boston’s going to make a run at him or the Lakers.

“I guarantee you that. He will not be in New Orleans by the end of the year.

“If they’re not playing well he will not make it to All-Star weekend.”

The Pelicans are unlikely to challenge in the Western Conference in the upcoming season, and ESPN’s Jorge Sedano believes Davis will be forced to seek a new challenge.

“LeBron is smart man, look who he’s being working out with this summer,” Sedano said.
“KD – free agent; Kawhi – free agent, and now Anthony Davis.

“Anthony Davis is the Golden State Warrior kryptonite. I think whoever gets Anthony Davis is going to have the chance to knock off the Golden State Warriors.

“Whether that be the Lakers, Boston or whoever that is.

“We get to a certain stage where we start judging guys on their playoff success and Anthony Davis is slowly getting to that point.”