Durant I mean as great a player…

“Durant, I mean, as great a player as he is, I would still hold back because, man, he joined a team that really didn’t need him. You know what I mean?” “He’s right there with LeBron [James], probably will surpass LeBron as the best player in the game soon. But for him doing that, I still don’t give him the full credit that he probably would have deserved if he stayed with [the Oklahoma City Thunder] and won a title with that team.” – Frazier

Frazier was asked whether Durant’s success with Golden State — two NBA titles and two Finals MVP awards — would affect where he’d rank him on a list of all-time great players.

“He’s going to be down the list for me because of that. There will be an asterisk by his name”

Agree with this 100%…not to mention he’s a cupcake fool on social media lol