Kings might be willing to trade Bogdanovic and Willie Cauley-Stein!

Question: Top-3 assets in terms of trade value?

Tim: Bogdan Bogdanovic holds the most trade value outside of those three players. He’s not on a rookie-scale contract, but his skillset is diverse enough to plug into almost any roster. If the Kings have the desire to shed a redundant asset to acquire a starting small forward at some point during the season, Bogi is the most valuable piece to deal.

Vlade’s $11 million in cap space is an asset that will continue to increase in value as the trade deadline approaches, but that value will fall off of a cliff if it goes unused until the summer of 2019. Hopefully, a salary-dump or trade facilitation comes along that sees the Kings acquiring a young player or draft asset in exchange for taking on a bad contract.

Once again, Harry Giles is a part of the debate, and once again, he loses out to another player. While HGTV hold a ton of potential, the redshirting of his rookie season, combined with his significant injury history, destroys almost all of his trade value, especially in comparison to his potential if healthy. Due to that fact, Willie Cauley-Stein takes third place in this conversation. While Kings fans have been justifiably frustrated with his odd areas of growth, he’s still a young, athletic center who is a bench big at worst, and a potential starting center at best. Another organization might look at the Kings history of non-development and take a flier on the former lottery pick.