LeBron James has always played at his best with players like Josh Hart

Although not often considered in the same tier of the rest of the Lakers’ young core, Josh Hart’s skillset may prove to be the most seamless fit alongside LeBron James next season.

It’s no coincidence that James seems to have quickly gravitated to Hart and his game, as among the entire young core, Hart may represent the most seamless schematic fit and offers the most stylistic familiarity next to 14-time All-Star.

Although he should not be pigeonholed as simply a “3-and-D” player, Hart proved to be uber effective in both areas as a rookie.

The “3-and-D” role itself has been proven to be an invaluable archetype beside a monster primary initiator like James, and between Hart’s Summer League efforts and his rookie season, he projects to be one of the King’s favorite role players.

The most immediate niche Hart will able to provide for James next season is in his 3-point shooting, but more specifically his 3-point shooting from the corners.