Kawhi In Canada would be a “Disaster”

Trading for Leonard would give the impression that Toronto is doing something, at least, even if that something is inviting disaster. Because, unless the Raptors turned around and traded Leonard themselves (they’d face the same difficulties on that), Toronto would have accomplished little with Leonard other than to take on San Antonio’s headache.

If Leonard was not happy in San Antonio, there’s little to suggest he’d be thrilled with the Raptors. Leonard’s camp — mostly his agents, but we can only assume they have Leonard’s complete backing — has made it clear he wants to be in Los Angeles, and he has the leverage of impending free agency in 2019.

The only rational explanation for Raptors’ interest in Leonard is that, with him on board in place of DeRozan and with James playing for the Lakers, Toronto would have a shot at finally winning the East and reaching the Finals.

If Leonard is refusing to play for the Spurs, does anyone think he’d be more pleased to suit up for the Raptors, the team with the gall to disrupt his collision course with the Lakers? If there’s been anything we learned about Leonard that we did not already know in the past year, it is how incredibly stubborn the man can be. He stuck with that quad injury and allowed it to keep him out for 73 games, plus the entire postseason. He dumped an entire year of his career just to get out of San Antonio.