The 35 million dollar question


If you read any of the hysterical writers out there you would believe that if the Lakers do not sign Kawhi they won’t get Lebron. While most reports from around the NBA still feel that Lebron will sign with the Lakers. So the question is what do the Lakers know? Did Lebron’s agent slip some information in one of their daily chats “about KCP?” It is odd that the Lakers suddenly backed away from negotiations with the Spurs. If Magic didn’t know something wouldn’t they still be talking?

All along Magic and Rob talked adding to their core not dismantling it. I believe they are trying to improve while keeping an eye on the future. And we don’t know what current players Lebron values on the roster. Again in their daily chats about KCP did Lebron’s agent let that slip as well? If we see the Lakers suddenly open aggressive trade talks with the Spurs then perhaps Kawhi is important to Lebron. If not then perhaps Lebron is okay with the Lakers plan that they accidentally let slip in their daily chats about KCP.