Here’s My Arithmetic For The Fun That Awaits Magic & Rob!

Taking Julius Randle’s cap hold out of the equation, stretching Deng and keeping both Thomas Bryant and Ivica Zubac, the cap space number that I arrived at is $69,369,783 as follows:

Deng (W&S)- $7,362,000
Lonzo- $7,461,960
Ingram- $5,757,120
Kuzma- $1,689,840
Hart- $1,655,160
Zubac- $1,544,951
Bryant- $1,378,242
25th Pick- $1,455,700
4 roster spots- $3,325,244

LeBron’s max is $35,350,000 and PG’s max is $30,300,000 for a total of $65,650,000 leaving only $3,719,783 for Randle (obviously won’t get it done).

Assuming that LBJ and PG want Randle to return, how can the Lakers get there if they can’t get rid of Deng (a likelihood)? Would LeBron and PG take a bit of a haircut? If the Lakers choose not to guarantee Bryant and Zubac, it only frees up another $1,296,571 because corresponding empty roster cap holds would be added, so that doesn’t do much. Is it worth trading Ingram or Lonzo to a team with cap space for a 2020 first round pick (like Atlanta)? I wish I had a job in the Lakers’ front office. What a blast they must be having!