Contenders next year


I’m sitting the Rockets Warriors and it dawned on me for the first time we possibly could contend next or the year after for sure. It all depends on the right free agents. I never thought I would say this but I think Boogie could be key. Maybe I’ll come to my senses but It appears he may have left his baggage in Sacramento. They seemed really like him in New Orleans. Assuming he’s close to where he was having both Cousins and Randle could fundamentally change the way both the Rockets and Warriors want to play. First Cousins is the big strong kind of center that gives Cappella problems and he would force The Warriors to play a big center that puts Iggy on the bench. Next you have Randle. There is now way Tucker could guard Randle but Randle could guard him. If he can guard Curry he can guard Tucker. They would have to try Anderson who Julius would eat up as well. One other benefits of Cousins signing is if you want Rondo as a back up bringing in Cousins maybe the only way he comes considering their friendship.
The other addition is a guy I haven’t been advocating either. I would try to bring in Lebron. My main objection to Lebron was the age factor. But if we can contend in the next two years he is absolutely the best guy. It would be hard to much to a front line of Lebron, Cousins and Randle would be the nastiest front lines in the NBA. With just normal improvement from the kids we could contend if next year the following year for sure.
2nd team

This could be a very good team.