Monday Musings

J.J. Redick would be an interesting add. Not sure how much he’s attached to any one team. He took (and made) a career high in FG/FGA and he was right above his career average for 3 pointers made (42% on the year, 41.5% career average). I think he’s been a great influence on a young 76ers team and his defense isn’t bad ( ranked him 26th among starting guards beating out both Klay Thompson and Lonzo Ball, just as a point of reference…helped having Simmons and Embiid sharing the floor with him). Could he be gotten for the MLE if Philly throws it’s hat in the King James ring?

This is where the timing of things is so very important. Wait to land the big fish and you lose out on quality medium-large sized fish. If you subsequently whiff on the big fish you’ve wasted a summer. At 33 J.J. is older than Isaiah Thomas by 4 years but without the injury history. One thing that stood out in my mind was when he got on TJ McConnell in the Philly elimination game when he was out of position on offense. A coach on the floor, who is vocal, is worth their weight in gold. Thomas is a good floor general and one assumes he and Luke were on roughly the same page.

I’d be surprised if he moved on; while they offered him a deal similar to what we did with KCP (one year, $23 million), it also seems like he was in tune with what the organization was doing. Coach Brown loved having him on the squad and one assumes he’d stay for the MLE, or something like, after landing the biggest deal he’ll ever get.

At any rate, the point being: there’s a lot of different ways we could come out of the summer and they don’t all center around the big five free agents (James, George, Cousins, Anthony and Thomas). A complimentary piece, like Redick, could be enough to get us into the playoffs and get the mettle tested. Seeing how they perform in the playoffs will go a long way towards attracting bigger names but there remain a lot of questions about our kid core. We’re all high on them after years of miserable losing but is the league feeling similar or are we looking through rose-colored glasses, to a degree?