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“Sadly, it’s gotten to the point where every borderline capable starter or with potential to be so wants a max deal. The teams need to control themselves or they’re all screwed.”

I hope we don’t make one of these mistakes

Paul Millsap, PF $31,269,231 Overpaid “star”
Blake Griffin, PF $29,727,900 Overpaid injury prone
Mike Conley, PG $28,530,608 Overpaid period and injury prone
Carmelo Anthony, $26,243,760 Overpaid and overvalued years ago
Damian Lillard, PG $26,153,057 Overpaid for no accomplishments
Jrue Holiday, PG $25,686,667 Overpaid before this playoff
Otto Porter Jr., SF $24,773,250 Overpaid PERIOD
CJ McCollum, SG $23,962,573 Overpaid too soon
Andre Drummond, $23,775,506 Overpaid for no accomplishments
Bradley Beal, SG $23,775,506 Overpaid for 2nd option
Chandler Parsons, $23,112,004 WTF WTF
Harrison Barnes, $23,112,004 Overpaid for 3rd option
JJ Redick, SG $23,000,000 Overpaid….but I get why
Brook Lopez, $22,642,650 Overpaid for no rebounds and limited D
DeAndre Jordan, $22,642,350 Overpaid for a guy you can’t play in crunch
Kevin Love, $22,642,350 Overpaid for 3rd option that is injury prone
Steven Adams, $22,471,910 Overpaid for a serviceable cente
Nicolas Batum, $22,434,783 Overpaid for a utility role player
Victor Oladipo, $21,000,000 Overpaid for a small guard
Danilo Gallinari, $20,559,599 Overpaid for injury prone floor spreader
Serge Ibaka, PF $20,061,729 Overpaid Period
George Hill, PG $20,000,000 WTF WTF
Ryan Anderson, $19,578,455 WTF WT