The Great Lebron Debate


Tom’s thread is getting all stretched out on my phone so I decided to start a new one. The Lakers have always been about championships. That’s why we don’t hang Pacific division banners up in the rafters. Personally I do not share the opinion of some that adding Lebron and pick your 2nd star is enough to get us out of the West.
I love our young group. I believe the floor for each of them is very good player and who knows yet what their ceiling is. But we are very young. At 23 Randle is the oldest and he hasn’t reached his prime yet. If this group were two years older I would be on the Lebron bandwagon. We maybe ready to compete for the playoffs but not a ring. And while Lebron’s window could be closing soon our kids window hasn’t opened yet. By the time this group is ready to compete for a ring Lebron could be 36 or 37 years old. Who knows where he will be with all the mileage. I remember MJ with the Wizards. It was a little embarrassing. As was a lot of Kobe’s last year.

The other option you read about is Trading for Kawhi and forming a big 3. But I don’t see that as an answer either. The Spurs will not trade in division unless it was too good to pass up. Kuzma, BI and picks. They might let us keep Hart. Lebron, PG, Kawhi and Lonzo would be 92 mil. Which means Randle also is gone because of his 12 mil cap hold. As for Deng since we traded all of our assets for Kawhi we would need to stretch Deng. Don’t think for a minute the Spurs take him and help us. That’s another 7 mil. That might leave us enough to keep Hart but Zu and Bryant are also goners. Now there be some ring chasers but how much game does a guy have left that takes the minimum. We still wouldn’t have enough get by a healthy Warrior team. And in My mind having Kawhi does not make us a better team then we would be with Randle, BI, Kuzma and our draft picks.

There are no guarantees that any plan ends in a ring. But I think we are better served by adding free agents that will still be in their prime. Also by letting the kids develop more you may not have to give up the farm if a trade possibility arises that would help the team. It’s step by step for me. There are no short cuts that I see working.