To Max or not to Max


Kevin Dings article here got me to thinking about what this year has meant to me. I must say I have really enjoyed this season. The only downer for me was the amount of injuries we sustained. It was frustrating losing close games to good teams short handed. This was easily a .500 or better team when healthy.

So now I’m wondering what the F.O is thinking. The became the year with a stated goal of two max players and they took steps to have that flexibility. Then a funny thing happened. Growth. Randle began to put up all star numbers in the new year and he began to play elite defense. BI didn’t just take a step forward, he took a flying leap forward. While management was really happy to land Kuz, I’m sure not even thought he would emerge as one of the best Rookies in his class. And you can’t sleep on Josh Hart either. He went 30th pick to a guy playing at a lottery pick level. Honestly he was better then a lot of the lottery picks.

So does signing a free agent wing like Paul George, help or hinder our future growth? For me a max player should elevate a team. But after watching OKC Hang on to the playoffs for dear life I’m having 2nd thoughts handing PG 30% of the salary cap. Considering BI, Kuz and Randle play the positions that PG plays could he actually set the development of the kids back like Butler has done to Wiggins in Minny. I looked at the numbers and I wonder just how much PG helps.

PG 36 min 21.6 pts per 5.7 reb 3.4 assists .428 shooting% .390% from 3

BI 33.5 min 16.1 pts per 5.3 boards. 3.9 assists .470 shooting % .390 from 3

Kuz 31.2 min 16.1 pts per 6.3 1.8 assists .450 shooting% .366 from 3

Now PG on the other side of the ball is an impressive defender. However BI is on the way to that level. I think his defense has been one of the impressive aspects of his game. I just don’t expect much defense from a 20 year old but his been very good. And Kuz has made great strides as well.

So the question is how much better will be next better with PG at 30 mil. Before he went down Cousins was the guy I had the most interest in. Mainly because we had developing guys everywhere else. And he still maybe. But if your not Lebron, KD, Harden or a couple of others, I’m not sold on spending 30 to 35 percent of the cap when you have to young guys that are only going to get better next year.