Why Not Brook Lopez


I have been thinking a lot about who the Lakers should pursue this summer. I have been thinking that we would be a better team if we signed just one max player and keep some of the current team. And I would like to have Brook back.

Like everyone here I was so disappointed in Brooks play in the first part of the season. There was an occasional good game but over all he didn’t look anything like the player he had been his entire career. Then a funny thing happened. Randle was inserted into the starting line up. And together they have formed one of the better 4, 5 duos in the entire league. A lot has been made about Randles stretch of 20+ games but over the last 10 Brook has averaged 19.5 5.5 and 2.5.

He is definitely old school in the post. Sometimes he looks like he is moving in slow motion. But what he lacks in speed and quickness he makes it up with size, power and strength. Against the Pels AD considered one of the best defenders in the league couldn’t stop him when he had position. Like everyone else he bounced off of him. He had one play that really was impressive. He took one dribble from around the 3 point line and dunked.

There are prototypes for each position now in the NBA. Centers are suppose to be long, fast and athletic. But against Noel who is long, fast and athletic, Brook overwhelmed him with size and power. Between Brook and Julius Noel was doing his best impression of a pinball. Brook may not get as many rebounds as you would like but we have a good rebound rate while he is out there. He takes up so much space, if you watch him, there are times when he is keeping multiple players off the board. I think Brook is one of the reasons are guards are all rebounding at such a high rate. To top it off he is a plus rim protector. He has also proven he can play at pace. The Nets were number one last year in pace and we are up there ourselves. He has gotten rim run baskets this year. But he also gives us a 3 point threat as a trailer.

I really like what Brook and Julius has developed as partners on the block. Them seem to know when to give each other space and Brook draws people out with his 3 point ability. Neither Brook or Julius are prototypes in the NBA but sometimes talent outweighs that ideal. With one max player and The Randle/Brook combo inside we would be a very good playoff team and in another year or two I believe with normal growth from the kids we will be real contenders. I hope we keep Brook and Julius together.