Los Angeles Lakers in pursuit of two stars but they already have one

Many fans are thinking we will let Thomas go after this season since LeBron doesn’t seem to want to play with him. But is it smarter to re-sign an All-Star level player who’s only 29 or smarter to go for LeBron?

Remember when Paul George was commenting on if the Lakers would be in his future? He said it would have to be a situation where other stars are coming, too.

Let’s hope Isaiah returns to a 29 points per game type player, helps the Lakers make the playoffs, then the Lakers sign Paul George this summer. LeBron is tempting, but he will be 34 in December, and who knows if he’s really considering LA? Thomas and George are both in their primes, and we know for sure that George is considering LA (his dog is named Kobe).

The best part of this scenario is it would allow the Lakers to re-sign Julius Randle. You know, the double-double machine who we would regret letting go years from now. He’s also the only player currently on the team who played in games with Kobe Bryant, which is valuable.

There are also other Lakers currently developing into stars. A nucleus of Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, Julius Randle, Isaiah Thomas, Paul George, and Josh Hart sounds intriguing.

Thomas grew up a Lakers fan, so he will be thrilled to help this team succeed. I’m just mind-boggled how his market value dropped so quickly. As a Laker fan, I know we need someone to step up and close out the close games.

We had Kobe as our closer, then Lou Williams, who is with the Clippers now. Who better to fill the role of the closer than the “King of the Fourth”?