Why the Lakers have the brightest future out of the worst NBA teams

1. Lakers (23-32)

Technically speaking, the Lakers are a half-game ahead of the Hornets and not one of the 10 worst teams in the NBA. I’m including them in this discussion because they have the frenetic spirit of a bottom 10 team, and they’ll probably finish the year somewhere in that group. And in that case … the Lakers clearly have the brightest future of any team on this list. Between the progress of Brandon Ingram, rock solid draft picks (Kuzma, Lonzo, Josh Hart), and massive amounts of cap space this summer, this is getting real.

Generic optimism of the past few seasons is beginning to give way to real intrigue about the future here. Do they stick with the young core? Will LeBron show up? What about a trade? It’s too early to say where this goes next, but each of the options is exciting for different reasons. And all of this—especially L.A. landing a top three pick in three consecutive years in which its first round pick was top-five or top-three protected—is a reminder that life is not fair and the Lakers are the closest thing the NBA has to the Illuminati. That’s the real reason they should be excluded from this list.