Hope This Works Out But….

That’s a hefty price to clear the decks for players who may or may not come here. Re-signing IT and Frye is, likely, not what most Laker fans thought of when Rob and Magic say ‘two max contract free agents’. Isiah Thomas Jr. will be expecting max money but has played nowhere near that level this season as he works his way back from a hip injury he only rehabbed and didn’t opt for surgery. That’s a major concern going forward, especially if the Ramona Shelburne report of the Lakers intentions to keep both players rings true.

I’m very sad to see Larry Nance Jr. and Jordan Clarkson leave us. Neither would have ever been an All Star, although Larry will now be repping his hometown of Cleveland as opposed to his adopted home of LA in the Slam Dunk competition, but they played very hard on Laker teams that had z-e-r-o chances of success based on the overall level of talent and experience. While the likely late first rounder is a decent consolation prize it doesn’t make this a great trade, it only makes it palatable.

So, in honor of two of my favorite Lakers, I offer up this little ditty.

Still a lot of trading deadline day to go…who else might be headed out the door?