From outta the past…..

NewMexicoLL – (Shotgun) From Land of The Original Lakers
justanothermambafan –(Security) Fabulous AND Funny dammit
Mamba24 – (Navigator) OUTFREAKIN STANDING!
LRob – DJ Extraordanire – Archives Master
Laker Lass – Keeper of the Flame
Mark Medina – Customs
ZairaAmaterasu – Goddess
Laker Tom – NorCal Chapter
Fan of The Mamba – Midwest Chapter
phred = The Love Chapter
Jamie Sweet – “Kobe didn’t, doesn’t and won’t ever suck”.
KobeMVP888 – Courtside Technician
RDLee – Ready to Roll
LakerPeace – Ready for the Quest for #17
Houston Laker – Needs a game day Link
Noah – Gods favorite
JustaLakerFan – Got some tunes to strike up the band
63 – Footer – Ready to put some foot into some heat behind
Magic Phil – He of the magic skill
#4 – He knows this is Phils 4th 3-peat
EastCoastJessie – Latina Princess
And the Jello Is Jigglin – He can turn Lebron to Jello
Tim-4-Show – Shannon Browns advisor
Lone Star Laker Fan – Olde Timey Historian”
LakerJ – Fire Fighter – Will Extinguish The Heat
Cofm99 – In House Guitarist
Segeboy/Taliq – Sheriff
OutLaw – Defense Specilaist
Baby Outlaw – Defense Specialist in Training
Fearless – Enforcer
Rick Friedman – Morale Officer
Faith – Defense Officer
Jon K – Undercover Agent
J24 – Fairness Officer
PsychedLakerGirl – Review Judge
Joe Corad – Night Games Supervisor
Adrian Palomar – Philippines Chapter
Caps-Googles – Tech Foul Official
CyberCosmix – Devising otherworldly Laker Defense
2Phatt – Can Squash anything with the name Heat
WesJoeNixcon – Shaolin Monk – Trainer of IP Man
lance from da’ bronx – East Coast Chapter
MS – The Tune Master
Zach – From San Diego Chapter
Jefe101 – 17th Parade Director
Staples24 – Director of Trades
Caliphilosopher – British Correspondent
Nemaia Faletogo – Tropical Zen Master
LAKER TRUTH – Abe in Purple and Gold
Humanomaly – Trekkie and proud of it
htj – Memphis BBQ Specialist
puddle – 550 Celtics dollars richer
hobbitmage – my response: Lakers Rule
yellowfever – symptoms-turning purple and gold
mclyne – bus roof surfer(you know, like in the movie “Teen Wolf”)
longtimelakerfan – Leave Luke Alone
iheartkb24 – Norcal Pinay Sweetheart
Edwin Gueco – The Voice of Reason
Hugo Boss – Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!
VMan – ‘V’ for Victory!
lone star laker fan – alone in Texas, but flying the purple and gold
G in DC(aka GDUB) – Let’s go Ls…all the way to 3-peat!!!!!
JohnnyV – justa smooch winner
Otis- Drunk and in jail…
Tom Daniels – Wise Man = Laker Wisdom
longtimelakerlover – Laker Girl for life
brian – Ebanks will be an All Star
Art – FL Lakers Fan – Florida Chapter
Rocky – San Diego Chapter
KBlitz – Walking Encylopedia
bronxlakerfan – Purple and Gold with Pinstripes…
ChicNstu – Blue Plate Special