How safe is Luke Walton’s job?

On the surface, it seems ridiculous that the Lakers would be considering replacing head coach Luke Walton. He is the perfect coach for the modern NBA game and player and the way he’s transformed the Lakers’ defense and helped develop our young talent has been exemplary. Luke hasn’t been perfect and his rotations and lineup decisions have been erratic because he is still young and inexperienced. But his job at risk? That’s crazy. Yet, something’s happening that bothers me although I can’t pin it down. For some reason, I get a feeling something’s going on I’m not going to like.

To start with, the Lakers front office’s decision not to respond to LaVar Ball’s critical comments that Luke had ‘lost the team” raised some eyebrows. While the Lakers don’t want to start anything with LaVar, they could easily and maybe should have given Luke a vote of confidence. That is what I and everybody, including Luke expected, I’m sure. But they elected not to. Was this a veiled message to Luke that losing 9 in row, despite missing Lonzo and Lopez, has put his job at risk. Or maybe not so veiled as I’m sure Luke noticed the absence of a vote of confidence from the front office.

Then the story about the Lakers being interested David Fizdale raised more eyebrows. Maybe it’s just not the players other than Lonzo, Brandon, and Kyle who are disposable in Magic and Rob’s grand plan to sign LeBron and PG? Maybe the losing streak and LaVar’s rant touched a nerve in the Lakers. Maybe the Lakers are worried that a young and inexperienced Luke Walton might not be perceived as a positive point in the minds of elite veteran free agents. One thing I have no doubt about is that the Lakers would replace Luke in a heartbeat if it meant landing LeBron although it hurts me to write that. I hope this much ado about nothing but nothing would surprise me at this point.