Corey Brewer’s Iron Man Streak Ends!!!!!

But that’s not the real story. Lakers beat the short-handed/injury-riddled Spurs last night. They did exactly what they ought to have done, although Charles Barkley later saying it should have somehow been easier for the Lakers on the TNT broadcast was kind of a side-swipe at Pop if you think about it. No NBA team should be an easy victory, only if the team doesn’t put forth acceptable effort. The Lakers and Spurs both played really hard and the Lakers had better talent. Win. Pop also had great things to say about the Lakers and Luke, always a class act that Greggy-P.

Brandon Ingram had a stellar night. He was in control. scoring in the flow, hitting threes, playing solid D, and generally controlling the game in a way I hope to see him do more and more of as the season and years progress. Ingram has put together a very strong season with only the occasional bad game (as any player will have) and the mild quad injury he had looks like it isn’t slowing him down, anymore. Great effort by Brandon…maybe he can still make the real All Star squad?

KCP, Clarkson and Ennis all struggled in various ways but all helped push the team to the W. KCP played great defense in the second half, Clarkson took over a stagnant offense in the second quarter to keep a San Antonio run at bay, Ennis…was Ennis. I don’t expect him to do much, honestly, and he did what he does: make smart plays and don’t turn the ball over. But the star off the bench last night was one Larry Nance Jr. he certainly had the dunk of the night, if not month, if not the season…again. Larry was everywhere: making plays, taking his shots when they were open and playing with passion. Josh Hart played with his usual passion and that dude is S.T.R.O.N.G. Takes a hit and keeps on trucking, love Josh’s game and I’m glad he found his way out of his early season funk.

The Lopez/Randle pairing struggled a bit last night but that’s to be expected to a degree when Randle has to guard players much bigger than him and Lopez just isn’t that mobile. He takes a good second to get those legs and feet moving, at times. The Aldridge/Gasol combo thoroughly out-played them but ti didn’t matter because when the Lakers went small neither of those bigs were able to keep up with or get around Kuzma and Nance. Kudos to Luke and the staff for getting the Lakers to play with speed against a team that was slow of foot. Our speed and hustle was what won us the game.

Also, Corey Brewer’s iron man streak did, indeed, come to an end. Dude hadn’t missed a game since 2013ish and didn’t see the floor last night. There was a game stoppage with about a minute left and when he didn’t check back in the TNT in-game announcers were bewildered. Tip of the cap to the wily vet.

Lastly, coach Popovich had this gem about the LeVar Ball “situation”, this from the game recap on
Before the game, Popovich didn’t mince words when asked about the recent criticism of Walton from Lithuanian basketball power broker LaVar Ball: “I think the first thing to look at is the substance and gravitas of the source that speaks, and just stopping at that point would tell you that you don’t need to listen or go any further. It’s just another fan in the peanut gallery with an opinion, which is meaningless.”