Trade Randle? Really?

I was looking at what Randle has done since becoming a starter and it’s impressive. 17.5ppg 10.2 rebounds 3.4 assists with solid defense in only 27.4 minutes. Paul George one of the guys we covet has 20ppg 5.5 remounts 3.1 assists in 36.6 minutes yet we want to move Randle to make room him and another. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Randle is still young and developing while George is pretty much who is going to be.

I have been waiting all year to see Brook and Julius together and it was really good tonight. If you pair Randle with a shooting big he’s very good. Earlier in the year when Kuz and Julius were coming off the bench together we had the best bench in the league.

Ingram’s the real deal and I think that Ball and Kuz are as well. So why not keep Randle and let them grow together. It doesn’t matter if he starts or comes off the bench you can still get him 30+ minutes like Lamar. I would move Clarkson and Nance if it meant keeping Randle. I hope Magic is paying attention.