Oh well, it’s not like the previous FO bungled a # 2 pick. Hate to say it, but Lonzo is not going to be anything more than a distributor. Oh he’ll get some rebounds because he’s hanging around the basket on the defensive end and he’ll get a block or two because of his size advantage on a majority of other guards, get some assists because that’s what he does, pass. But he can’t shoot and with that form it will take him years to change it if he even tries.
He’ll play for any coach? Please Magika do Laker fans (well some) a favor and let him play for another.
This false messiah makes me yearn for the DLo days. At least he had a FU attitude when on the court. Lonzo bores me to death, ooh, pretty pass LB.
Magic got burned buying into Lavar’s hype of his son. Remember there was a time before the draft that Magic had serious doubts about both. Now it’s coming back and biting him in the arse. So let dad and daddy’s boy go somewhere else, before this really turns into a circus. I won’t miss them but for the elixir speeches these con men come up with.

Your’s truly,
Your never controversial Trollman.