Another Head Scratcher

I’m beginning to lose a little confidence in Luke. Another game we should have won. First they were killing us in the second half on the switches.

With Ingram out I don’t understand why Kuzma wasn’t playing some at the 3. I love Hart but they were killing us inside. Hart was playing well. Maybe KCP plays less.

Harkless was having his way with Kuzma. Why didn’t Luke switch Randle on him? Randle instead is on Davis who isn’t a threat. And as usual Randle has 16 and 9 boards in only 23 minutes. Production doesn’t seem to matter.

Why at the end was Clarkson on the bench? 18 points in 21 minutes on 50% shooting and 50%!from 3. Instead we run two plays for KCP who is having a terrible shooting month. And speaking of Clarkson Caruso gets 11 minutes? Really? While Clarkson is lighting it up. And sitting?

Missed free throws again. Turned it over again. Were jobbed by the refs again. But still Luke could have done a better job with his substitutions. It’s becoming a pattern.