Last Laker winning season was 2012-13, when Kobe gave his last gasp to lead Lakers to PO’s. We got, perhaps a prayer to finish above .500 this year. Spurs last losing season was 1996/97. Yankees last losing season was 1992. So, yeah, think we should stay the course and we don’t need “no stinkin” LBJ or PG or Cuz or. Let’s stay the same stagnant franchise and resign extensions to KCP and Lopez. Well, that is if you are happy with losing. I am not sure where all this “dislike” business comes from about any Laker player. I had no ill will towards Ronnie Price, or Wayne Ellington, or Wes Johnson, or Timmy Moz, or Jodi Meeks, or Kent Baze, or DLO. Nothing against Nance or Randle, or Zub, or Lopez, or KCP, or LB, or Ingy and so on. Just have an idea on how we can win and what it takes. Ya’ll know the definition of…..Best to show LBJ what he’s missing if he doesn’t consider us next year or Cuz or PG or whoever.