Man, I am very surprised to hear all the calls to throw Kuzma into the starting lineup over Larry Nance Jr. based on Nance’s defensive performance on Porzingis, who is about a foot taller and shoots almost like Stephen Curry. All of this talk is nonsense in my opinion.

We are very lucky to have gotten Kyle Kuzma in the late first round and he is a very good player. Kuzma has shown that he has a strong offensive game. Defensively, he leaves a lot to be desired though, it’s not uncommon for a rookie.

We are also very lucky to have gotten Larry Nance Jr. in the late first round. While Kuzma may in the end turn out to become the better player, he is not better right now. And personally, I think Larry Nance brings more to the table than Kuzma right now. The things that don’t show up on the stat sheet. Things like being a great and supportive teammate, boxing out someone to allow a teammate to get the rebound, setting good picks, and yes, playing good defense, especially in the post, among many other intangibles.

I’m not going to bash Kuzma or Nance. In the end, these guys are completely different players who bring good things to the table for the team. I do think Nance is a better overall player at this moment. I think they could and should be on the same court together. Both are tweeners, and they both allow the team a lot of flexibility with the lineups.

At this moment, Nance is the better player and should be the starter in my opinion.

Go Lakers!