This could just be me, but I need to say it. I really feel like this website has lost its focus. I come here everyday to read about Lakers but if not for the Lakerholics logo at the top, I could be at Yahoo website or something.

There are so many postings about other teams and players I don’t particularly care about. I come here specifically to read about the Lakers, if I wanted sports news in general I’d go to BSPN or Sports Illustrated. I’d rather have a few good articles/analysis about the Lakers than have to scroll through a bunch of mildly interesting things about other teams.

Then there’s the out of the blue postings like basement farming and others that I don’t see as being related at all to the core focus of this site. No offense to you Sean, I appreciate the effort you put into the site, truly I do. But could we focus more on Lakers related stuff? With so many tangential postings, really good stuff are quickly buried and you miss them because they’ve gone into older postings.