Nine Teams That Could Trade For Nerlens Noel

Los Angeles Lakers

Why: The Lakers are still rebuilding, but they could come straight out of the rebuild if they try to lure LeBron James and Paul George this summer. With Brook Lope on an expiring contract, they could be looking for a big man next summer. They will also need to be clearing some cap room before the summer and could look to Dallas for that.

Package: Julius Randle for Nerlens Noel straight up would be interesting. The Lakers will most likely move on from Randle in restricted free agency and could look to jump the gun on getting Noel to Los Angeles early. The Lakers could make the deal bigger in trying to shed more salary to Dallas and attaching more assets to make it happen.

Likelihood: High- Dallas has cap space to absorb money and the Lakers have the assets to attach to that money to make it happen.