On trading Randle


Tom is right. If we trade Randle it should be for someone we intend to keep. I would never trade him as part of a salary dump. I was thinking about Clarkson and Randle for George which makes sense but looking into the numbers it brought up a bigger question. Why are we not playing these guys more?

Paul George 35.3 minutes per
Shooting .423 .381 from 3
19.5 points per
4.7 boards per
3.1 assists

Clarkson 21 minutes
Shooting .511 .429 from 3
15.3 points
2.5 boards
2.8 assists

Randle 19.1 minutes
Shooting.607 (not enough 3 attempts to matter)
11.4 points
6.5 boards
1.7 assists

So in this trade we give up shooting efficiency, 7.2 points. 4.3 boards and 1.4 assists. Even if George scores 23.7 like his best year it’s still a net loss in points. Also Randle/Clarkson are only playing a combined 5 minutes more Paul.

Looking further at the per 36 stats

Clarkson 26.3 points 4.3 boards 4.9 assists

Randle 21.4 points 12.2 boards 3.1 assists.

For me before we trade these guys we should play them more and see what we have before trading it away. Over 36 they both out perform him. I already think not playing them more have cost us a couple of wins already.