Scheme vs results


This was one of the most frustrating games for me in awhile. I have to give Luke some of the blame for this one. He was definitely out coached. It started in the first quarter. We couldn’t score. We had 11 points and he brings in Brewer and Bogut. He said he thought we needed toughness. No we needed points. Besides Randle brings toughness. So we score five more points while Boston runs away with the quarter. We finally turned the game around when he brought in Randle and Clarkson.

I know Luke has a vision of how he wants to play. So did Phil. But scheme often gave way to talent in all those wins. Yes Clarkson pounds the ball too much at times but he’s also the best scorer on the team and one of the better ones in the league. Considering his defense has improved I don’t understand not playing him more. He had 18 in 26 minutes. Shot a good percentage and was 2 for 4 from 3 on a night we couldnt hit 3’s.

Then there is Randle. Would it be great if he could stretch the floor with 3’s? Of course. But what stretching the floor is supposed to do is create buckets at the rim which Randle does. He had 16 and 12 in 21 minutes. On a night we are getting crushed on the offensive glass our best rebounder gets 21 minutes.

Nobody on this team has earned the right to be on the court if they are not playing well. Kuz didn’t have a good game but he played 34 minutes. Lonzo couldn’t score but he got 37 minutes. Too me it makes no sense not to go with the guys getting it done. We will win more games this year if we ride the players Playing well instead of worrying about who fits the scheme better.