What others are saying about game 7

Keeping in mind how even these teams were, Roberts lost the series.

If you’re going to bring Kershaw into the game in the third, why not just start him? (Smoltz said this too.) Why not bring the infield all the way in with McCullers hitting? Why bunt with Justin Turner on second base and nobody out in a tie game that had zero chance of being the last-run-in-the-game Roberts seemed to be playing for? Why bring in Morrow to face the top of the Astros order in game five? Why not Jansen then? (Going by best pitcher available theory.) Why use Jansen in a 6-1 game the night before? Why not at least try Stripling? Why pull Rich Hill twice when he was more or less rolling? And on and on and on…

Dodgers beat themselves……..Bad managing alone allowed it to get past 5 games…..

No reason or need to start Darvish. None.

Darvish with an impressive 21.60 ERA in the WS. Wonder if the Dodgers re-sign him in the off-season.

It’s simple. Roberts was an idiot for using Darvish at all. Even more so because he used Wood and Kershaw anyway. Houston hitters tonight were just as bad with RISP as the Dodgers were. The only difference in this game between the two was Robert’s was stupid enough to use the worst pitcher available in Darvish because Hinch had already been smart enough to shelf Gilles.

We’d probably be watching extra innings right now if not for that colossally stupid decision to use Darvish.

Thank you Dave Roberts for leaving Darvish in or even choosing him in the first place. Horrible call by the manager.

Roberts lost me as being a good manager … he’s better than Mattigly but then again it’s like saying a fart is better than a shart

Yu Darvish never should’ve touched a baseball , Alex Wood shouldve started this game ..
And Jansen blowing 2 saves obviously was the killer

Roberts Worst manager to ever make a World series… Fact

Taylor .222 + Seager .222 + Turner .160 + Bellinger .143 + Puig .148 + Barnes .174 + Utley .000 + Darvish 21.60 = congratulations, Astros.

Clayton Kershaw and Yu Darvish, both of you should give back your 2017 salary. You both pitched scared, with no conviction, no command, and with all the chips on the table, you both folded quietly and painfully. Maybe you are multi millionaires, great regular season pitchers, but come play off time, overpaid below average, not a clutch performance between either of you. You both should be disappointed!!!