I thought Lonzo was Magic? I know, Magic couldn’t shoot either, but I would have liked to take the pressure off LB 3 months ago. I fear that his shot won’t work in the NBA, at least until he shoots that 45% and up like Jamal. I also think he would be super with a a PG and LBJ to seek out! Clarky doesn’t get to play with Lonzo so much and Kuz, Ingy, Randle and even Hart are just babies still. If Magic plan works and you throw LBJ and PG or Cuz (2 of the 3) into our youth core, Lonzo will truly be unleashed. He could still be unleashed with the proper young guys to run with him. I like the idea of Kuz and Randle. I’m not sold on KCP, yet. Early.

PS-And this whole notion that this season is not about wins, then why isn’t Zubby playing some? If we have given up on him, cut him loose. Not about wins, my eyes tell me different Lukie Boy