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  • For whom the bell trolls 10:16 PM on December 14, 2017 Permalink |  

    KCP will be traded tomorrow.

  • MongoSlade

    MongoSlade 8:06 PM on December 14, 2017 Permalink |  

    5pt game with around 3 minutes to go.
    We jack 3’s on three straight possessions.
    Lebron 2 buckets at the rim.

  • DJ2KB24

    DJ2KB24 7:46 PM on December 14, 2017 Permalink |  

    MM, you out????

  • DJ2KB24

    DJ2KB24 4:36 PM on December 14, 2017 Permalink |  

    Last Laker winning season was 2012-13, when Kobe gave his last gasp to lead Lakers to PO’s. We got, perhaps a prayer to finish above .500 this year. Spurs last losing season was 1996/97. Yankees last losing season was 1992. So, yeah, think we should stay the course and we don’t need “no stinkin” LBJ or PG or Cuz or. Let’s stay the same stagnant franchise and resign extensions to KCP and Lopez. Well, that is if you are happy with losing. I am not sure where all this “dislike” business comes from about any Laker player. I had no ill will towards Ronnie Price, or Wayne Ellington, or Wes Johnson, or Timmy Moz, or Jodi Meeks, or Kent Baze, or DLO. Nothing against Nance or Randle, or Zub, or Lopez, or KCP, or LB, or Ingy and so on. Just have an idea on how we can win and what it takes. Ya’ll know the definition of…..Best to show LBJ what he’s missing if he doesn’t consider us next year or Cuz or PG or whoever.

    • mud

      mud 4:39 PM on December 14, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      it’s not your choice or mine or anyone else who participates here. who are you arguing with?
      no Lakers fans want the team to keep losing.

      who really cares what the other teams do? their situations are different, they deal with what they deal with and the Lakers deal with what they deal with, mistakes or not and all else. stop being jealous.

    • Jamie Sweet (Local Ne'er-Do-Well)

      Jamie Sweet (Local Ne'er-Do-Well) 5:47 PM on December 14, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I get your point DJ, treading water isn’t getting us any further upstream. Some folks give the old front office a major pass, some of the guys I would have rather us signed haven’t panned out (Kent Bazemore comes to mind) but the front office has been on a long losing streak when it comes to free agents they’ve pursued. So, regardless of the outcome, the front office wanted LaMarcus Aldridge. They let decent talent walk out the door for nothing (Howard and Gasol).

      Current front office is better at creating an air of more realistic expectations, although they now direct those expectation onto specific players…we all got things we need to work on. At any rate, I’m hopeful for this off-season. I think an improved defense and a max slot with players who are obviously finding their way int eh NBA will be enough to lure at least one player of import and we can always trade for one, although that guts a lot of the development work the team has put into these guys.

      Bottom line: the sooner we figure out how to win,l the more fun this all gets.

    • mud

      mud 7:07 PM on December 14, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      besides, out of those FA mentioned only LBJ takes a mediocre team into the realm of contender.

      you can’t have what you want right now.

      the Lakers aren’t embarrassing themselves if they are losers, at least.

    • keen observer

      keen observer 7:18 PM on December 14, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply


  • LakerTom (Publisher) 11:14 AM on December 14, 2017 Permalink |  

    How good is LeBron’s fit with Lonzo and the Lakers? 

    During their time in the lottery, the Lakers have accumulated plenty of young talent on cheap contracts. That makes the idea of cutting loose several players to sign two max free agents viable. But there are still no surefire stars on the Lakers’ roster, as Shelburne and Windhorst noted, and their skill sets don’t appear ideally suited to complementing a star free agent.

    That could give James and other veteran stars pause as they consider the Lakers in free agency.

    • LakerTom (Publisher) 11:17 AM on December 14, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Kevin Pelton also believes that teams need to surround LeBron James with players who can shoot, which is exactly what you need to do to maximize return from Lonzo Ball. Unfortunately, shooting is the Lakers biggest problem. Unless Lakers were willing to trade Lonzo Ball for shooters, the Lakers don’t seem to be a good match for LBJ even ignoring age issue.

  • p ang

    p ang 10:04 AM on December 14, 2017 Permalink |  


    “About half the teams in League you could use as an example.”

    precisely. the team and the boys are really not that good yet.

  • LakerTom (Publisher) 9:55 AM on December 14, 2017 Permalink |  

    Should the Lakers Change their Starting Five? 

    The Lonzo, Caldwell-Pope, Ingram, Nance, Lopez group is one of the worst performing 5-man lineups which has played (relatively) heavy minutes this season.

    Of groups that have played 150 minutes or more, only the Orlando Magic starting 5 has a worse net rating (-11.7) than the Lakers current starting 5 (-8.4). If you up that to 200 minutes played, the Lakers are the worst (Orlando’s group is a hair under that threshold as of this writing). The only other teams who have lineups which perform this poorly at minute counts this high are the Bulls (-7.5 and who are terrible) and the Pistons (-7.5 and whose starting 5 is bad for reasons which aren’t entirely clear to me, but have been true all season).

    This brings me to Larry Nance. Nance is the quintessential “perfect 5th starter on a good team” who does all the little things coaches love while playing a style, especially on offense, which is devoid of loud mistakes that stand out when watching games. He dives for loose balls, is a more than willing passer, and basically acts as a conduit for all of the other players moving towards their strengths and away from their weaknesses. This has real value.

    The issue with this is, the Lakers aren’t a good team and, with the imbalance in their first 5 they very likely need someone who does more of the big things well in order to compensate for the other starters who either cannot or do not do them already. Swapping Nance for, say, Kyle Kuzma or Julius Randle may impact the team’s defense (Kuzma) or the flow of their offense (Randle), but I’m beginning to believe those trade-offs are worth it considering the performance of the starters as a whole.

    This isn’t a dig on Nance, necessarily. I like him as a player and think he really helps the team. If the composition of the roster were different — say if the team had established stars on the wing or more high usage players on the perimeter in general — I’d have no issue with him starting. But that’s not the case.

    Do I actually think Walton is going to make this type of change anytime soon? No, I do not. For one, Walton loves Nance and for good reason. I’m sure Walton doesn’t see Nance as the problem and, in a way, he’s not the problem. As I’ve said, what Nance does has value.

    The problem is, in the aggregate, the Lakers are not currently starting a mix of skills which result in good enough offense. They consistently start games poorly, fall behind on the scoreboard, and then have to make up deficits using their more productive lineups over the course of the game. This is a generalization, of course, but it happens a lot and, really, more than it should.

    So, if it were me, I’d move Nance to the bench. And I’d probably do it for Kuzma while keeping everything else the same. That’s the simplest solution even if it may still result in the starting group being a bit below the level in which they’d need to be. And this is where the lineup data comes back to tell another story. The group of Ball, KCP, Ingram, Kuzma, and Lopez has a net efficiency of -1.8 in 223 minutes this year. That’s solid, but if that were the team’s differential it would still only be good for 20th in the league.

    Still, though, it’s about 7 points per 100 possessions better than what the current starters are providing in about the same number of minutes. This is not a small number and I’d want to see if that could be sustained as the sample gets larger. Maybe it wouldn’t, but I think they deserve their chance to try.

    • DJ2KB24

      DJ2KB24 10:21 AM on December 14, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Give it a go.

    • MongoSlade

      MongoSlade 10:31 AM on December 14, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply


    • LakerTom (Publisher) 10:44 AM on December 14, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Excellent unbiased analysis of problems with Lakers’ current starting lineup by Darius.

      • mud

        mud 11:35 AM on December 14, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Darius may be right or wrong, but he’s anything but unbiased.

    • MongoSlade

      MongoSlade 10:51 AM on December 14, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      The topic has been beaten to death….

    • LakerTom (Publisher) 11:03 AM on December 14, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Because it’s still a major issue that needs to be addressed.

      • DJ2KB24

        DJ2KB24 2:01 PM on December 14, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Team is a stinking 10-16, why not experiment? If we were 18-8, stick wit it, but we aren’t.

        • mud

          mud 2:53 PM on December 14, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          10-16 is not bad at all for THIS team., they’re doing well, they are mostly competitive and have had many chances to win almost all the games they lost. it’s MUCH better ball than the team played last year. they are right on track. i do not understand all the hand wringing.

          • John M.

            John M. 3:43 PM on December 14, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            It’s clear Luke is not, nor should be, coaching from a fan’s perspective. How many times does he have to say this is a development year? Next season may be as well.

            • mud

              mud 4:43 PM on December 14, 2017 Permalink


              since when is a fan’s perspective based on reality? the very word “fan” says it all!

              maybe Luke Walton will get fired. i doubt very much if that will fix everything, but…

              maybe the old scapegoat will work. slit it’s throat and wear the blood. maybe that magic will break all curses and the goat can suffer for the sins of the organization.

            • John M.

              John M. 5:19 PM on December 14, 2017 Permalink

              Might even get Kuzma a start or twelve…

            • mud

              mud 7:00 PM on December 14, 2017 Permalink

              ok, but he’s a likely to do something as lame as any of them do. he’ll come into his own soon enough.

  • Magicman (Editor)

    Magicman (Editor) 9:41 AM on December 14, 2017 Permalink |  


  • Magicman (Editor)

    Magicman (Editor) 9:27 AM on December 14, 2017 Permalink |  



    • Magicman (Editor)

      Magicman (Editor) 9:30 AM on December 14, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Charlotte has great fans, but with NASCAR, UNC, Duke, Wake Forest, NC State, it’s a hub for College environment.

      Not a lot to do in Kentucky and it’s one of the more poorer states and they could have had an NBA team with Boogie, AD, Darius Miller and Rondo?

  • Magicman (Editor)

    Magicman (Editor) 9:19 AM on December 14, 2017 Permalink |  


  • Magicman (Editor)

    Magicman (Editor) 9:17 AM on December 14, 2017 Permalink |  


  • Magicman (Editor)

    Magicman (Editor) 9:16 AM on December 14, 2017 Permalink |  


  • Magicman (Editor)

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  • Magicman (Editor)

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  • Rocky

    Rocky 8:49 AM on December 14, 2017 Permalink |  

    Man, I am very surprised to hear all the calls to throw Kuzma into the starting lineup over Larry Nance Jr. based on Nance’s defensive performance on Porzingis, who is about a foot taller and shoots almost like Stephen Curry. All of this talk is nonsense in my opinion.

    We are very lucky to have gotten Kyle Kuzma in the late first round and he is a very good player. Kuzma has shown that he has a strong offensive game. Defensively, he leaves a lot to be desired though, it’s not uncommon for a rookie.

    We are also very lucky to have gotten Larry Nance Jr. in the late first round. While Kuzma may in the end turn out to become the better player, he is not better right now. And personally, I think Larry Nance brings more to the table than Kuzma right now. The things that don’t show up on the stat sheet. Things like being a great and supportive teammate, boxing out someone to allow a teammate to get the rebound, setting good picks, and yes, playing good defense, especially in the post, among many other intangibles.

    I’m not going to bash Kuzma or Nance. In the end, these guys are completely different players who bring good things to the table for the team. I do think Nance is a better overall player at this moment. I think they could and should be on the same court together. Both are tweeners, and they both allow the team a lot of flexibility with the lineups.

    At this moment, Nance is the better player and should be the starter in my opinion.

    Go Lakers!

    • Magicman (Editor)

      Magicman (Editor) 9:05 AM on December 14, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Hey Rocky,

      While I thought Luke was mixing and matching to find the best 5, eventually he’ll blend his feelings with the analytics.

      Yes, right now, Larry has better defensive analytics. And digging into Kyle’s defensive metrics, which most experts point to as a concern…

      It’s not a lack of effort on Kyle’s part. It’s spacing, it’s using length, that is why it’s gonna take time defensively.

      Offensively, Kyle is superior.

      Look at the shot charts juxtaposed here


      Larry benefits greatly at the Rim, shooting 76%. Guard penetration draws bodies in and allows Nance a line of sight to the Basket.

      He’s shooting 46% from the Top of the Box. Not bad, good enough to keep taking them.

      Shooting less than 30% from the Box out is not good.

      As for Kyle:


    • MongoSlade

      MongoSlade 9:10 AM on December 14, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      They need Nazma to start…lol

    • keen observer

      keen observer 3:30 PM on December 14, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Nance is not the better player by any stretch of the imagination. Kuzma doesn’t have any holes in his game. Imagine defenders laying off him from 18 feet out like they do to Nance. Nance doesn’t even think about shooting the ball. I think Kuzma is a superior player to Nance in every aspect of the game, as is Julius Randle. Nance does have value though and should bet traded. Right now all he is doing is taking minutes away from Kuzma and Randle. Sure he has bright spots here and there and is a nice team player, but I’m not his biggest fan.

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